Concrete Pool Installation

Turn Your Backyard Into A Beautiful Summer Getaway With These Wonderful Pool Options.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Concrete Pool Installation Services

We at Pool Installers are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are a fast-growing pool installation and construction company that services Toronto and the GTA. Our concrete pool installation services are of the highest quality, focusing on every detail and ensuring you are satisfied.

  • We Provide Our Customers All Over Toronto and the GTA with Concrete Pool Solutions That Fit Their Needs.
  • We Have Full Pool Design Services Available.
  • Experienced Network of Experienced Pool Installation Contractors
  • Modern & Custom Fiberglass Pool Designs & Styles
  • Free In-Home Estimate
  • Limited Warranty On Labour (5 Years)
  • We Provide Our Clients With Affordable Rates On Our Products & Services

Why Choose A Concrete Pool?

Concrete pools are extremely durable and resilient while also allowing the customer to play around with multiple sizes and shapes that fit the needs of their home. Although concrete pools take the longest amount of time to install, they are extremely beautiful and luxurious options if you’re looking to transform your backyard into a wonderful summer oasis. Contact our team today for more information on how we can help you with your backyard.

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Concrete Pool Installation Services
concrete pool installation in the toronto and gta area
Water Wall in a Concrete Pool
pool installation by experts in Toronto
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pool installation services in toronto
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concrete pool installation in the toronto and gta area
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What Our Clients Have to Say

“We wanted to get the pool for a few years and Pool Installers helped us to build one. Renat worked with us from beginning to end and always answers our questions. The work went according to the schedule and now we are enjoying our new backyard with a pool and new interlock. Also, they build the pergola for us and the backyard looks like from the dream picture.” – Bobby

“Such a GREAT experience! Always punctual, very professional with no hassles, and extremely dedicated to what they do. The work they did is just flawless. I only expected durable results but these guys exceeded any possible expectations a client could have.” – Daria


“The work was performed quickly and professionally. The work was delayed due to weather conditions but I was kept informed of the anticipated start time. All staff members were extremely polite and respectful. The whole project was stress-free which I appreciated.” – Ann

“Amazing job and craftsmanship. These guys are like artists in the job they perform. I am very happy and glad I chose them for the job. Excellent customer service as well, they take service very seriously and do not disappoint. Simply, amazing.” – Andres


“Pool Installers Team was great and transformed our boring backyard into an oasis. Their team was easy to work with and very responsive, compared to other organizations that I tried to work with. Thank You to the team! You made my summer rock!” – Eddie

Amazing company to work with… everyone is polite and professional and cares about your house like it is their own house. We did a massive reno in a small backyard and added a pool. Would not hesitate to use again and recommend to friends and family” – Asiya

Water Wall in a Concrete Pool

Why Choose Concrete Pools?

A concrete pool is a perfect addition to any homeowner’s backyard to escape the summer heat. In addition to being completely customizable, they also encompass the classic pool structure. Concrete pools are also extremely durable, standing strong against sharp objects and elements that can do significant damage to them. Concrete pools are also aesthetically pleasing, which will increase the value of your home. Concrete pools are a wise investment and an optimal way to beat the summer heat.

Concrete pools are built to last. With proper care and maintenance, they will continue to look great and provide years of enjoyment and require less chemical upkeep than other pools, which can save you money in the long run.

Our Concrete Pool Installation Process

Concrete pools can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on their design:

  • The area where the pool will be built is excavated, followed by the construction of a concrete shell around it, which is then surrounded by plumbing and other features. Finally, the water is filled into the pool for use.
  • Shotcrete is another installation method that sprays wet concrete onto a metal or wire mesh over-excavation. The concrete dries quickly and forms a strong shell. Next, plumbing and additional features are installed, and the pool is filled.
  • No matter which method is chosen, it’s important to give your business to a reputable pool company that has experience installing these delicate and intricate pools like Pool Installers. We’re able to advise on the best installation method for your concrete pool design to make sure the process goes smoothly.
concrete pool toronto and gta
concrete pool installation in the toronto and gta area

Benefits of Having Your Swimming Pool

The benefits of installing a pool in your home are numerous. It can provide you with hours of enjoyment, and it can also increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about installing a pool, follow these tips:

A well-designed and installed pool can make your home stand out from the crowd.
You may be able to get more for your home if you sell if you have a pool.

Swimming pools can also add value to your home.

By choosing Pool Installers to design and install your pool, you are ensuring that it will be durable and long-lasting. We use high-quality materials and construction methods.

Commonly Asked Questions About Pool Installation in Toronto & the GTA

What Separates Pool Installers From Its Competition?

We are a company that highly focuses on amazing customer service and we pride ourselves on our customer support as well as our speed and efficiency without compromising on the quality of your pool! We also understand that every home is different in terms of infrastructure and size. That’s why, at Pool Installers, we offer our customers custom design services with unlimited revisions so you can be assured that everything is to your liking before the work is started.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pool With Pool Installers?

The cost of installing a pool varies on a lot of factors including size and features being installed in your pool. Pools from Pool Installers can go for upwards of $60,000.

Do Pool Installers Offer Payment Plans or Financing Options For Their Pool Installations?

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we truly believe that having a pool in your home should not just be a dream for most people. That’s why at Pool Installers we’re extremely accommodating and offer help with financing if needed. Contact us for more details on our payment options!

How Long Does It Take To Install A Pool

This depends greatly on the size of the pool, but generally speaking we at Pool Installers can have a swimming pool installed in 4-6 days but this is subject to change depending on the features and complexity of the pool being installed.

Can Pool Installers Help Me Obtain A Permit For My Pool?

Whenever you’re installing a swimming pool in a residential area, you will always need a permit to perform the work. As part of our extra services, Pool Installers can help you in obtaining a permit for your pool!

Do Pool Installers Offer Any Accessories For Our New Pool?

Yes, we do! We offer a ton of amazing extra features including Equipment Upgrades, Wi-Fi Control, Waterfalls and Custom Water Spheres, Automatic Pool Covers and so much more!

How long Does Pool Liner Typically Last?

Pool liner if well-taken care can last anywhere between 5-15 years.

I Live In A Smaller Downtown Area, Can I Still Install A Pool In My Home?

You absolutely can! At Pool Installers, we pride ourselves on our ability to work efficiently in every environment, including smaller downtown homes. We provide a custom plan for every client so we can best plan out how to install your pool efficiently and correctly.